Is there a God …Really?

While gathering my thoughts in preparation to write this post I found myself on a path of research. The more I read arguments and supposed evidence presented by evolutionists, naturalists, atheists, agnostics as well as theologians, I slowly began to realize some commonalities:

  1. They all have a belief system.
  2. If you go back far enough, all of those belief systems eventually reach a point where one would have to blindly believe something.
  3. They all believe in something higher / greater than us whether they want to admit it or not for what ever reason.

To me, the truth is, nobody can prove or disprove the existence of a God except a God. All we can do is observe and determine if what we see speaks to accident and chance or design. Lets briefly talk about this.

Solar System

If we clear our minds of all the stuffs we think we know and simply look with unbiased child-like eyes, what would we see? We would see beauty of course, a very high level of complexity and if we look close enough we start to see very simple patterns. Consider the above images of an atom (first) and our solar system (second). We know that an atom is not a small version of the solar system. We also know, an atom and the solar system have different purposes which dictate different behaviors. Yet, if we look at these simple flat depictions of them that a child could draw, we do see a pattern.

In my opinion all creative people have a signature whether they know it or not. It’s just a product of some mechanic inside us that simply makes us individuals. No two pianists will play a song the same way even if they tried. No two artist will paint a subject the same either. We individuals, creative or not, have this thing, a quirk if you will, that separates one from another. This quirk is always present in a creatives work and most of us don’t recognize it. There are however, people who study the works of others that do have the ability to identify the one who created a work or even differentiate an original from a copy, because they are familiar with the creatives quirk. I call this quirk, the thing that separates one from everyone else, a signature.


Solar System

Now, lets look at the images of an atom and the solar system again. The interesting thing to me is that the smallest thing we know of that is required for life to exist looks similar to the largest thing we know of that is required for life to be sustained. I don’t know about you, but I see a pattern and this pattern could very well be the signature of the One who created us.

If my assertion holds true, this pattern may be part of a design which speaks to a designer. If there is indeed a designer, then there has to be an intelligence outside of all that we know, because a design’s implementation has to be performed outside of what is to be created as it has not been created yet.

In my opinion, we human beings have a tendency to over complicate things and by doing so we miss (or in some cases strategically dismiss) the most important stuffs. All of our hypothesizing and theories are merely educated guesses and the education behind those guesses are only based on what we can see, even though we may not entirely understand it. Gaining a true understanding of the real complexity behind our existence is impossible as we would have to have the ability to study all that we know, outside of all that we know, in order to discern the mechanics behind how it all works.

Now, if I had the ability to create something as complex as our existence, I would not hide my signature in the complexity as I would know it could never be found. I would make my signature apparent so that when my creation started to investigate in an attempt to better understand themselves and their environment, they could easily find it. To me, the evidence of a God, Someone capable of creating our existence is in the simplicity not the complexity.

So if we clear our minds of all the stuffs we think we know and simply look with unbiased child-like eyes, what do we really see? I personally see the Creator…what do you see? Let’s talk about it.

It’s important to remember all that I say is merely my opinion and I’m just a man, simply speaking.

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